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Blue LED Safety Spotlight (LED Lights)
Blue LED Safety Spotlight (LED Lights)
Blue LED Safety Spotlight (LED Lights)
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Sell Blue LED Safety Spotlight (LED Lights)

Specification of Blue LED Safety Spotlight (LED Lights)

Fast-moving forklift, blind corners and distracted employees all combine to make for and extremely hazardous work  environment. Add to that the latest quiet electric forklift technology and noisy machinery and it is only a matter of time before seriously injury occurs.

Blue Spot direct a concentrated Blue LED light 10 to 15 feet in front of  the operator to warm nearby employees of the oncoming forklift. Design to last for more than 20.000 hours, this inexpensive and maintenance-free product will drastically improve the safety of your employees.

The innovate blue safety light helps avoid forklift / pedestrian collisions. In the USA alone, there are 19,000 forklift / pedestrian accident each years.
Sure back up alarms are effective, but what happens when employees are listening to music, talking on cell phones, or starting at the ground. That‘s where the Blue Safety Light can help !.
Install the Blue light on the rear portion of the forklift’s overhead guard. A focus beam of the blue light will appear on the ground behind the forklift.

Blue LED Safety Spotlight features :
• Creates a 2ft area 10-15 feet ahead/behind
• Available for any brand of forklift
• Multi-voltage 12V-80V
• LED light rates to last more than 20,000 H
• Mounting bracket included in pricing
• LED Technology = High Output, Low Current Draw
• Resistant to vibration

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